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Just like everything else in life, working in WordPress can have some unforeseen problems. And while most are benign, such as a sudden lag spike that freezes up your project for a second or two there, more malign issues could result in you losing both your progress and all the data you have stored, especially if you experience the dreadful “White Screen of Death” and other similar maladies. Luckily for everyone, we live in the 21st century, and those types of problems are easily solvable with specialized software such as the WordPress Reset plugin and its Emergency recovery script.

WP Reset’s currently one of the best recovery options on the website-building market. It owes its popularity to its Emergency recovery script, which can automatically detect what files are missing, corrupted, or don’t belong on your website. In just three clicks, out of which two are copying your URL and password onto a safe place, you can set up a recoverable backup for your site in case something terrible happens. If your core files are corrupted, from either malware or by pure accident Emergency recovery script has you covered. The same goes for if you lose your password and access to your website, you can use an Emergency recovery script to roll back all the relevant info from the site onto your browser.

Not only does WP Reset protect you with its Emergency recovery script but also with its multitude of unique features like addon management, Whitelabel options, and even a “nuclear” reset. Unlike other similar recovery-based programs, WP Reset doesn’t limit itself to a singular purpose which means you get the same outstanding quality for all of your features while at the same time paying a fraction of a cost that you’d typically pay for having five or more independent singular programs.

And while an Emergency recovery script can save you in the short term (especially when you know and recognize your issue), sometimes problems can be far more insidious, and recovery might just seem impossible; that’s where the “nuclear” option comes in. The “nuclear” reset resets and purges all your data in a flash so that you can have a fresh start even when utilizing a redirection plugin isn’t an option. And you might be thinking to yourself, but that’s awful. I’m going to lose all my data and progress. Don’t worry, because WP Reset has many functions; it covers all the options you need. Remember how we mentioned addon management, well all the addons and themes you download that break, you can redownload and reinstall with one click after you purge them.

WP Reset also allows you to reset your entire WordPress database if you can no longer access it.

As well as an addon manager, WP Reset’s an excellent moderator and admin manager too. From WP Reset, you can manage all your roles and who has special privileges on your website.

To conclude, having the WordPress Reset as a backup and recovery tool may seem inconsequential to you when everything is running smoothly. Still, you’ll be thankful for its abilities when one bad plugin breaks the cogs of your machinery.