Design Logo

Every brand, big and small, begins with a logo, which is a reflection of what the brand is. Whenever people click on a business website, the first thing they see is the logo. It represents the company’s corporate colors and communicates the business’s brand style.

As technology advances, brands need to always be on the lookout for the latest trends. If you are looking for ideas to improve your logo branding in 2021, here are some logo design trends you can use to take your brand to the next level.

Top 7 logo design trends for 2021

Color transitions

In 2020, numerous brands used gradients in their logos as a way of preserving their style while becoming visually striking. In 2021, color transitions can be a great way for your brand to stand out. You can use your logo shape but add gradients over them as an easy way of upgrading your logo.

The striking effect of using color transitions can be a great alternative to 3D logos. This way, your logo is up to date while remaining functional for print and mobile. You can use complementing colors, or use three to four colors to develop a modern logo design.

Divergent letters

This logo design concept makes the brand name the focus, making it memorable. However, wordmarks leave very little room for creativity. However, log designers in 2021 are dedicated to changing the impression around wordmarks. There is more exaggeration on the letters in wordmarks, which can be as subtle as inserting a lowercase letter in the name to something more noticeable, like using relatable tools to create or represent letters.

The use of divergent letters creates a focus point to draw the viewer’s eye while maintaining the traditional letter-based logo with a modern touch.

The stained glass concept

In 2021, most logo designers are feeling inspired by the stained glass concept. When the stained glass concept is applied to modern designs, ordinary concepts get an abstract touch thanks to image fracturing to solid color shards. Stained glass is a concept associated with purity, given its connection to the medieval church. This is why the concept is commonly used with scenes of nature and is expected to become common in 2021.

Simplistic and minimalistic designs

Over the years, logos have become simpler, and this trend is expected to become bigger in 2021. As companies continue to rely heavily on digital tools to reach their audience, the shift calls for concise and simple graphics. Most designers are opting for minimalistic logo designs in the place of intricate patterns or complicated fonts.

Minimalism is a concept that works for all industries, offering flexibility to brands. This is why the most famous designs of today feature a minimalistic undertone. Its popularity is thanks to its high usability and uniqueness.

Soft colors

Because of the big visual impact bright colors have on a phone or computer screen, most brands have in the past preferred to use them in their logo designs, especially for web-based businesses. However, this trend is expected to change in 2021. While bright colors will still be in use, more brands are finding comfort in using softer colors. This sets a brand apart from its competition using bright colors.

Shades of buttercup yellow, jade green, periwinkle blue, rose, and lavender are easier on the eye and are starting to become common in logo designs. In some designs, softer colors can be combined with other elements to bring out a hand-drawn logo look.

Disappearing letters

One of the best ways to grab the attention of your target audience is by presenting them with a riddle. You can turn your logo into a mysterious art piece by leaving lines half-done, making use of fading colors or removing part of the word. While this effect is striking, it is required to be just right. Going too far with this concept may leave you with an illegible logo. When done right, this trend can take your brand to greater heights in 2021.

Overlapping geometry

If you are attracted to bold designs, you will love the overlapping geometry trend. You can use geometry in numerous ways on your logo, like making elements overlap or merge. Stacking is also an easy way of adding layers to your logo.

Numerous companies claim to offer the best logo design services, but most of them are only after your money. You need to search a good logo design company to be able to create the best logo design for your business. Take your time to find an ideal company for your needs and one that understands how to make use of the latest concepts to create a winning brand image.

 In 2020, there was no shortage in logo designs, ranging from very successful concepts to downright shocking ones. With new designs trends expected in 2021, you can take your business branding to the next level using the design ideas in this article.